Understanding Roof Leaks: Causes, Types and Damage

Roof leaks can be a major problem for homeowners. The roof is what protects your home from the outside elements, so roof leaks are usually very serious and lead to costly repairs. You may not know that roof leak water damage can also cause mold growth in your home if left untreated. In this article, we will explore roof leaks causes, types of roof leaks, and all of the potential damages they can cause to your home. Main causes [...]

December 3, 2021|Roof Damage|

How to File a Water Damage Insurance Claim: 8 Tips from the Experts

With water damage being the most common insurance claim filed by homeowners, it is important to know how to file a water damage insurance claim. This blog post provides water damage insurance claims tips from experts in the industry. It will provide you with information on what water damages are covered by your home policy and which ones need flood coverage. We also cover other ways that water can cause property loss and discuss why you should always call [...]

October 31, 2021|Water Damage, Resources|

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Accidental Fires?

You probably don't think about it until it happens, but fires can happen in your home. And when they do, you're going to want to make sure that any damage is covered by insurance. That's why we've pulled together this blog post — so you know what kind of coverage you have and how much homeowners insurance costs. We'll start with the basics: If there's a fire at your house and you call the fire department and they put [...]

October 3, 2021|Fire Damage|

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Public Adjuster

Everyone should understand that insurance companies aren't always concerned with how much they must pay clients for property damage claims. They also have to obey the law, however, so they will frequently attempt to negotiate a settlement as inexpensively as possible. Despite the fact that this may be interpreted as a bad thing because you may not receive all of your claim money, it does give you the chance to hire a public adjuster. If you decide to use [...]

September 7, 2021|Resources|