Every claim consulting company offers unique services and promises certain outcomes. At our claim consulting company, American Premier Claims Consultants, we provide consulting for a large variety of problems that you may be facing. It’s what we do and what we are good at, and that is why many homes and businesses in Florida know that we are the ones to come to, no matter what type of insurance problem they may be facing.

Following are the different areas where you can expect to receive our advice and expertise, should you find your property damaged with no one to turn to:

Water damage can be caused by several mishaps and not all of them are natural disasters. While heavy rain or hurricanes can cause flooding, broken pipes or breaks in hoses or A/C leakage are also some major causes of water damage. Water damage is a top reason why people seek insurance coverage file claims.

You may have never heard of business interruption claims, but here is an example. Say that your warehouse gets broken into and hundreds of dollars’ worth of product are stolen. With our help, you can be reimbursed for money lost due to you having to shut down or the loss of income from the stolen products.

Rainy days happen a lot in Florida and we know it. That is why roof leaks are some of the main reasons why many Floridians get insurance coverage and our public adjusters know how to find the hidden damage or leaks that you can get covered for. We can help you get what you deserve.

There is no way around it, when lightning strikes, it nearly always will cause serious damage to your home or office. It can cause fires, roof damage, and it can destroy appliances in your homes, as well as down electrical systems and power lines.

The weather in Florida is great for visitors from the North in the winter and for locals as well, but the storms, rain, and heat also tend to cause the build-up of mold in homes and businesses. Mold can lead to detrimental damage to your home and even your health.

Your boat or yacht are also a part of your property, so you have a right to fight for repairs and payment when you have them covered by insurance. Whether you are involved in an incident on the water or your boat catches fire, we can help you with your claims.

Not everyone realizes that they may be covered for stolen property on their insurance. At American Premier Claim Consultants, we help many homeowners can process insurance claims when their homes have been vandalized or burglarized.

It’s no surprise that hurricanes often wreak havoc and leave a trail of damage in their wake, especially in Florida. It is one reason why most people in Florida make sure to have insurance. This is one area where American Premier Claim Consultants can really help you, because oftentimes the damage is extensive and you need someone who can help you get all the payment that you deserve.

A fire can often cause serious and obvious damage, but not always and when it doesn’t, it can be difficult to file claims. That is where our experts can come in and assess the situation and make sure that you get paid the full amount of the claim, because often the damage may not be that visible or apparent, but it is present and on top of it, you may have to stay elsewhere during the repairs, which means extra costs that you may eligible to receive payment for.

When you own an aircraft of any kind, it’s essential that you have aviation insurance to cover you in the event that the aircraft causes injuries or damage or is involved in an accident, we are just a phone phone call away.

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