Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

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Hurricanes give very little warning and even if you are prepared for what may come, there is no way that you can know what the hurricane will do to your home. It’s a highly unpredictable disaster and your home may receive a lot of damage or very little, but whatever the damage may be, you should definitely receive what is your due from your insurance company.

Hurricanes can be highly destructive or they can leave your home nearly unscathed. No one can predict if your home will be damaged or not, but it is important to be prepared with good insurance.

We specialize in obtaining the absolute maximum amount available from your residential or commercial property insurance claims. There are various types of damage that can occur during a hurricane in South Florida and our expert adjusters are ready to assist you.

Following are some things that may happen to your home from a hurricane::

Trees and all types of objects may cause serious damage to your roof.

Windows may shatter and break due to heavy winds.

Exterior walls may receive impact from all types of objects causing serious exterior damage.

If windows break or your roof falls in, the interior of your home may also receive a lot of damage.

Flooding may happen from the heavy rains that accompany the hurricane.

Your power lines and electricity may be affected by the hurricane damage.

Humidity may affect your home’s structure in the aftermath of the hurricane due to presence of water and the lack of electricity that may happen. This can lead to mold in your home.

Further damage can happen after a hurricane due to the delayed timing of repairs.

As you can see, a hurricane isn’t very pretty. You may be lucky to avoid extensive damage to your home, but even one broken window can lead to a host of problems in the interior of your home. While it may not be so obvious to your insurance company and they may try to deny payment for these damages, at American Premier Claim Consultants, we can assess the damage and analyze the situation to better help you with your claims and so that you can repair the damage to your home without you having to spend money to have your home looking as good as before.

All the above damage can be covered by your insurance company and we can help you determine and prove the cause of the destruction was the hurricane so that you win the claim. It can be challenging to go at it alone and fight with your insurance company just to be able to have your home even livable again.

Insurance coverage for hurricanes is highly important in Florida as it is one of the states that gets hit the most by hurricanes, but it won’t do you much good if your insurance company doesn’t want to fork out the money for repairs after your home has received serious damage from a hurricane.

While your first thought may be to do repairs yourself right after the hurricane, you should take a step back and consider that you could end up causing even worse damage to your home and damage that your insurance company will not be willing to cover.

To make sure that you don’t have to spend loads of money for repairs to your home after a hurricane, you should get in touch with us at American Premier Claim Consultants. We have experienced professionals who are more than capable of helping you with your claims. You don’t deserve to have to stress about money after something completely unexpected like a hurricane.

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