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When you own an aircraft of any kind, it’s essential that you have aircraft insurance to cover you in the event that the aircraft causes injuries or damage or is involved in an accident. Whatever the issue, aviation insurance offers a substantial amount of protection that will keep you from losing a large amount of money. When one of these issues has occurred, you’ll need to file what is known as an aviation insurance claim, which we at American Premier Claims can assist you with. The claims process is a rather straightforward one, but it all depends on the type of issue that’s occurred. Here’s everything you need to know about aviation insurance claims and the process involved with filing one.

What to Do When an Aviation Issue Occurs

When an accident of any kind occurs with an aircraft, time is absolutely essential to ensure that your losses aren’t greater than they need to be. You’ll need to report even the smallest details of the incident to ensure that the claim is successful and is filed properly. The longer it takes to file a claim, the less likely it is that you will receive the outcome you’re looking for. Before purchasing aircraft insurance, it’s important that the plan you select includes coverage for every type of damage or accident that you require.

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Immediately after the problem with your aircraft occurs, you’ll want to take pictures of any damage, take statements from anyone who was nearby, and write down all of the pertinent details. Doing all of this allows you to be as prepared as possible for the claims process. Once you’ve assessed the damage or loss and are ready to proceed to the next step, it’s time to fill out aircraft insurance claims so that you can be certain that any damage that was incurred is covered by the policy.

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What Is Covered Under Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance coverage varies depending on the policy type, aircraft value, and other factors. Generally speaking, though, aviation policies are written to cover damage or theft of the aircraft itself, bodily injury or death resulting from an incident involving the ownership or operation of the aircraft, legal liability arising out of its use for commercial purposes (carrying passengers for hire), and loss or damage of personal property on board the aircraft.  Let our aviation insurance adjuster review your policy to determine if you have a claim.

Forms That You Will Need to Fill Out

The forms that you’ll need to fill out when filing your claim largely depends on the type of damage or loss that has occurred. For instance, an aircraft accident form needs to be filled out in the event that an insurance aircraft is involved in damage that occurs on any other property aside from the aircraft and for injuries to anyone aside from the pilot of the aircraft. If the issue that occurred with your aircraft doesn’t fall under the aforementioned, you may need to fill out an “other than aircraft accident” form.

This form includes all damage to property or injuries to people apart from those within the aircraft. Accidents that would fall under this insurance policy includes everything from slip and fall accidents, claims for improper maintenance on another person’s aircraft, or even pedestrian accidents that occur on the ramp of the insured aircraft. We at American Premier Claims can assist you in identifying whether or not your accident requires the filling out of one of these claims. Another potential claim to file is the hull loss claim, which should be filled out if the only damage that occurred was on the insured aircraft.

How We Can Help With the Aviation Claims Process

Here at American Premier Claims, we will assist you throughout the entire claims process so that the journey is shortened and completed efficiently. Throughout this process, we’ll help you gather all of the documentation necessary to ensure that your claim is filed successfully. One of our experienced aviation insurance claims adjuster will also help you assess the costs in claims and fill out any necessary paperwork. We look forward to hearing from you.  We have helped hundreds of policy holders like you get the maximum claim.