Water Damage Insurance Claims

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  • Has a hurricane recently swept through your area leaving flooding and plenty of damage?
  • Has your city received a lot of rain and storming in the past month?
  • Did a pipe break suddenly and water has filled your home?

Your house may have received water damage and some of it might not be so apparent and that is when you may need our help at American Premier Claims Consultant. We can help you determine if your insurance company should be paying you more.

Water damage can be extremely detrimental to your property and can ruin your floors, walls, furniture, roof, and more. Sometimes it may be barely noticeable, while at other times, your home may end up in complete disarray and you may not have an idea of where to begin. How do you fix it? Can it look as good as before? Will your insurance pay?

Insurance companies may try to deny your claim, underpay you, or delay the process and that is why we are here to help you understand how you can be paid more or be paid on time.

Following are some ways that your home may have received water damage and which mean that you may be entitled to receiving more from your water damage claim::

Your floors are completely soaked and damaged from flooding

Walls are stained and damaged from flooding

Your roof is damaged and leaking

A toilet was left running for days accidentally while you were away, leaving water to overflow for days

Leaking underground pipes

Mold from water buildup under floors and behind walls

Sewage pipe breakage

Broken sinks

What kind of water damage does home insurance cover?

You must select the right home insurance policy. Most of these policies will cover your furniture, electronics, and belongings in case they get damaged or destroyed by fire or theft. But there are limits to what kind of damage they will pay for. When it comes to water damage, here’s what you should know about coverage:

  1. Home insurance policies do not typically cover water damage that is the result of a natural disaster, like a hurricane or tornado. Flood and/or hurricane insurance is a separate policy. Confirm with your insurance agent the type of policy you currently have.
  2. If your home suffers water damage as a result of a broken pipe, your policy will likely cover the repair costs.
  3. If your home suffers water damage as a result of flooding, your policy will likely cover the costs of repairing or replacing damaged items.
  4. If your home suffers water damage as a result of sewer backup, your policy may not pay to repair or replace any damaged items. Sewer backup is typically covered only by insurance policies that specifically list sewer backup as a covered peril

If you have any questions about what kind of damage is covered by your policy, contact us if you are in the state of Florida.

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Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Storm

While there are many other ways that water damage can happen, these are some examples of common mishaps. Some of these are more obvious than others and homeowners should be aware that water damage may not always be so obvious.

While you may have received payment from your insurance for fixing your floors, you may not realize that there is mold building up in your home’s walls from the water damage and you may be entitled to more money.

It is important to check your home extensively for water damage so that:

  1. You can receive all the payments you can and
  2. You don’t live in a home with a health threat such as mold.

It can be easy for insurance companies to sweep damage under the rug and we are here to make sure that they don’t. As professional claim consultants, we can help you to assess all the water damage that may exist in your home, whether due to natural disasters or simple accidents that tend to happen in homes.

Because water damage can happen due to several different types of situations, insurance policies may try to sweep your claim under the rug. When you get in touch with us at American Premier Claim Consultants, you can trust that we won’t let this happen.

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From overflowing toilets to hurricane’s that leave your home as wet as a swimming pool, you don’t have to succumb to permanent despair over water damage in your home. You can get the money that is rightfully yours and as professionals, we can do what you cannot. Ask us to help assess your home so that you don’t lose money and time from water damage that caught you by surprise.

When it comes to water damage claims, you can always rely on us for the best service. We will take care of the claim process.