Loss of Business Income

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There is nothing as frustrating as a business interruption and having to fight with your insurance company on top of it. You have a business to run and dealing with the high piles of paperwork, the loopholes that are prevalent in the insurance world, and the loss of income can seem too much for you to handle.

Receiving damage to your home can be even more devastating to you than a situation at your home property due to the effect that it has on your income. If you depend on your business being up and running at all times in order to cover your costs of living and paying your bills, it can be a highly stressful situation to deal with, especially when your insurance company doesn’t want to pay up.

This is where hiring a public adjuster from a trustworthy claim consultant company can make all the difference for you. At American Premier Claim Consultants, we have worked with many companies to help them file claims for business interruption and we are confident that we can help you win your case and receive the maximum recovery possible for you.

Business interruption insurance can cover many different mishaps. For example::

Hurricanes are known to happen on a regular basis in Florida and they can hit both homes and business, so while you are dealing with your home’s damage, you may discover that your business has also received serious damage that may not only affect the building itself, but you may find your product to be damaged as well. If you have insurance for your business, you may be covered for everything from the physical damage to the building to the damaged products.

Fires can happen at offices and warehouses without warning and for many businesses, this can be a highly disruptive circumstance. Insurance for business interruption can be important for a company for this type of situation.

Break-ins happen, both in homes, as well as businesses. You may want to make sure that you have this type of vandalism and theft insurance coverage for your business, as if there is any type of thievery of your product or equipment, you have a right to payment from insurance. Also, keep in mind that if theft happen due to damage from a hurricane or a storm, we can also help you to file those claims and approach the situation from every possible angle.

While the exterior of your building may have not received much damage, flooding can be a result of a serious hurricane and flooding can damage product warehouses. You will want to make sure that you are covered by your business insurance in Florida. Flooding damage can take weeks to repair and for the building to dry out and for you to get your business back to normal.

Business interruption insurance is one of the first things that business owners should get upon starting a company. You can lose thousands of dollars if you don’t as the unexpected does happen and it can mean loss of product, which means loss of income, and if there is any damage to your building, the repairs are also very costly. Imagine all these components and an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay you what you should be covered with by them.

Remember that if your business must be repaired or if takes time to replace equipment, you may not be able to work during this time, which means that you can be losing a large chunk of money. It is worth it to win all your claims and fight for what you deserve.

At American Premier Claim Consultants, we have a lot of experience working with businesses and their claims, so we know what you need and we have the expertise to ensure maximum recovery.

How do you calculate lost business income?

Simply, take the difference in revenue and then deduct the loss incurred as a result of not having sales to calculate loss income from a business interruption. To put it another way, figure out projected sales, remove them from the equation, and subtract expenses saved as a consequence of not having those sales.